Printing in in our DNA and guarantees the best graphic film production to customize cars, boats, motor-bikes and all you wish to make unique. The adaptability of materials make it possible to wrap small and big objects, to highlight details or interiors. Extreme Wrap uses 3M, Avery Dennison, MacTac. Our creative staff will help you to create your own design and you will be able to see the results before it is printed. Our skilled technicians, who are always up-to-date with the latest techniques, can provide a perfect, faultless application. Using special vinyl films on cars and boats glasses and portholes guarantees a good shading from sun rays, andhigher or darker tints can be chosen. Wrapped glasses can also reduce the inside temperatures, up to 4 C°, protecting the colors and saving on air-conditioning. Wrapping is convenient because:

  • Its fast application
  • Its quick removal
  • It leaves the surface intact
  • It protects the surface
  • It is cheaper than painting
  • It is a cheap solution to renovate used objects
  • Its great variety of shades and finishes
  • It is ideal to be customized with images and graphics
  • The livery can be changed frequently


Boat wrapping has become a well-established technique. It allows to wrap boats with specific adhesive films that follow the hull line, to highlight or change their colour, or to reproduce custom graphics and images. Choosing the right film is key to boat wrapping and our technical staff can help you do so, opting for the best, most tested and durable materials -for their whole duration- resisting to high temperature, UV rays and salt. The hull will remain intact and be protected. Wrapping a new boat means protecting it from the weather elements, keeping its value for longer. Wrapping your boat guarantees:

  • Hull: a longer life
  • Bottom: an antifouling film that lasts long
  • Up to five years- with a self-cleaning, eco-friendly film
  • Fuel saving, it reduces the risk of osmosis


Car bodies and details can be wrapped with design elements to make even the most exclusive car unique, highlighting its style. The adaptable vinyl adhesive film, once heat moulded, clings perfectly becoming one with the car. To make design more defined and protect the wrapping, an additional plastic film - either with a matt or shiny finish- is applied, making it weather resistant. Wrapped interiors can also give more character to your car.