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The customized wrapping system ExtremeWrap derives from the thirty-year long experience of Leaderform SPA, an international leading printing company. The most advanced technology, the most creative graphic designers and the best technical staff will be ready to change your boat, bike or car’s look, customizing them with your own design.

ExtremeWrap and Wrap Now, are the only brands to offer and integrated system to make your objects unique, from the graphical design to the choice of materials, from the actual wrapping to the removal, always guaranteeing competence, professionalism and the highest quality.

ExtremeWrap is a state-of-the-art company and its R&D department works closely with film producers to constantly improve materials. ExtremeWrap can provide a deep knowledge of film wrapping and the very latest techniques.


Protect, change color and customize fast, with the best print quality guaranteed. Wrapping is easy, safe, cheap and sustainable. The films used are extremely adhering, do not compromise the base but protect it, are long-lasting, fast to apply and easy to remove. The film does not leave any traces, but maintains the objects’ value. It is available in hundreds of colours, matt, iridescent, pearly, mirror and carbon look to create your look.
Why not make your car, bike or boat unique?


Screening your yacht before the sun and the salt water can damage it, change the color to give a new life to your boat, choose a graphic design underlining your personality, serious or funny as it can be. For those who love an easy-going image, for sailors and motor boaters, for fishing enthusiasts, racers and speed lovers: the innovative antifouling film makes your boat faster, reduces fuel consumption and the hull stays clean longer.


Change your car colour and look is easier now. Wrapping protects from sun rays, salt, ice and other weather elements that will no longer mark your car, and scratches and small damages will no longer chafe its body. It only takes three days to have a perfect and customized look, with the graphics that better suit you or in an original new shade. Make yourself stand out. Five years’ guarantee on materials and you can change style anytime you like.


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Extreme Wrap paints the coolest sports events, makes the sponsors’ brands stand out, highlights the athletes’ performances. It gives more personality to sports and focuses on passion.

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